Direct Access Assessment

Francesca Wiley is  trained and experienced in Direct Public Access relating to family law cases. In the right case, direct access to a barrister – without first instructing a solicitor – can be quicker and better value for clients.      

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Child Arrangement Orders

You can apply for a single court order, or a number of them, depending on what you’ve been unable to agree on. Arrangements for your child A ‘child arrangements order’ decides: where your child lives when your child spends time with each parent when and what other types of contact, like phone calls, take place…

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Serious Parental Alienation – The Approach of the Courts and Practitioners in 2016

Parental Alienation

Francesca Wiley QC of 1 Garden Court Family Law Chambers considers how the landscape is changing in the courts’ and practitioners’ attitudes to intractable contact cases. Francesca Wiley QC of 1 Garden Court Family Law Chambers Despite what appears to be a somewhat conservative approach by courts and practitioners to what are usually called “intractable “or “implacable…

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