Children (private law)

Francesca is an expert in representing parents in the most difficult and intractable Private Law matters, some of whom are victims of life changing allegations from their partners and / or children to stop contact. Clients have often been separated from their children for significant periods of time or find themselves falsely accused of serious criminal offences against their ex-partners and children. Such cases often involve disputed facts requiring fact-finding, in which she is particularly experienced.

Francesca is also frequently instructed in the most sensitive contact disputes including cases where addiction in the family may be an issue as well as cases where parents have hitherto undiagnosed mental health and personality difficulties impacting upon the litigation and the approach taken to the children. Her clients include very high-profile individuals and professionals including doctors, lawyers, celebrities and many whose professional bodies require allegations made against them to be urgently resolved, often in order to continue to work.

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Children (public law)
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